Base Sump Tank - Ecodepur® ECO BST and ECO BST PLUS

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Model Dimensions (LxIxH) C (mm) FT DT
ECO BST 1.450 x - x 1.015 840 - -
ECO BST PLUS 1.450 x - x 1.555 840 - -
Legend: L - Length | H - Height | I - Width | D - Diameter | C - Cover | He - Cota Piping Input |
Hs - Piping Output Quota | FT - Technical Data | DT - Technical Drawing | The dimensions (in mm) are given as an indication, with tolerance of ±2%, and can be changed without notice.

ECODEPUR® Eco BST and Eco BST PLUS are Base Sump Tanks, completely tight, used directly in Oil tanks Manholes. Provides a direct access to equipments, such as pumps, and offer a clean and dry area. They serve as a liquid tight isolation chamber, preventing ground water from entering and any leaking product from escaping into the environment.


The raw material used (Linear Polyethylene) was tested by an independent entity, guaranteeing high mechanical resistance and corrosion protection.


The equipment production under controlled conditions, the use of quality raw materials and the finished product inspection, in accordance with the demands of ISO Standard 9001:2008, guarantee the final product quality.


ECODEPUR® Eco BST and Eco BST PLUS have 5 Year Guarantee against any manufacturing defects.




  • Use directly in the Tank man hole;
  • Able to several connections;
  • Height adjustment;
  • Several possible sides connections;
  • High mechanical resistance and corrosion protection;
  • Light and easy to install and maintain;
  • Totally watertight;
  • Provides a total secure solution, avoiding environmental contamination;
  • Easy access to inspection;
  • Without visual impact;
  • Low cost.
  • Entry Boots available such us:
    • Entry boots for 1” tube;
    • Entry boots for 1 ½ ” tube;
    • Entry boots for 2” tube;
    • Entry boots for 2 ½ ” tube;
    • Entry boots for 3” tube;
    • Entry boots for 4” tube.




ECODEPUR® Eco BST and Eco BST PLUS permit the application in Oil tanks Manholes.





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