Dispenser Sump - Ecodepur® DS

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ECODEPUR® DS are Dispenser Sump, installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide secondary containment ofdispenser plumbing and emergency shear valves.


They serve as a liquid tight isolation chamber, protecting pumps and their connections.


ECODEPUR® DS range includes tree box sizes and two different metallic structure, galvanize steel frame, withoutside or inside lip, to use and adjust in different dispensers.




  • High mechanical resistance and corrosion protection;
  • Light and easy to install and maintain;
  • Constructed in Linear Polyethylene;
  • Totally watertight;
  • Provides a total secure solution, avoiding environmental contamination;
  • Metallic structure, with outside or inside lip to adjust in different dispensers (optional);
  • Stabilizer bars (optional);
  • Entry seals from 1” until 4” (optional);
  • Without visual impact;
  • Low cost;
  • Entry Boots available such us:
    • Entry boots for 1” tube;
    • Entry boots for 1 ½ ” tube;
    • Entry boots for 2” tube;
    • Entry boots for 2 ½ ” tube;
    • Entry boots for 3” tube;
    • Entry boots for 4” tube.




ECODEPUR® DS different types permit the application beneath of one, two, three or multi products dispensers.


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