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This equipment is generally used to aerate lagoons and activated sludge reactors (aerated basins and oxidisation ditches).



  • Efficient Aeration in Lagoons (1-4 meters deep);
  • Provides an efficient effluent Mixing and Agitation;
  • Creating a circulatory flow phenomenon in Lagoons, avowing black aeration zones;
  • Almost without maintenance;
  • Drive coupling and shaft support bearing to the flanged support;
  • Dispensing the existence of a gearmotor aeration tube being connected directly to the motor;Regulation under intermittent operation regime;
  • Do not result aerosols or odours formation;Silent - # 50 dB (A) at 10 meters;
  • Operation by timing or by oxymetro or redox probe;
  • Oxygenation effective even under heavy ice;
  • Reduced energy consumption (Specific Reduced Power);
  • Highly efficient in transferring oxygen (OP ≈ 0.94 kgO2/kW.h);
  • Tested by án independent European accredited entity.under the Standard ATV M 209 E;Ability to perform and upgrade existing systems (eg systems Facultative Lagoons).




  • The stainless steel pipe aerator is immersed in the liquid mass. The propeller rotating at 1500 min-1generates a phenomenon "vortex", which leads to a depression on the tube, causing the air aspiration;
  • The suctioned air reaching the propeller is transformed into fine bubbles that are directed toward thebottom Reactor. The rotation caused by the engine makes the helical propeller and propeller coolingfunction motor positioned at the rear of the engine thereby increasing its reliability;
  • The intense turbulence caused by the fine bubbles generates an rapidly and effectively oxygentransfer exceeding 1 kg O2/kWh in clean water The casing protects the motor and aeration tube againstany projections of aerosols.




Aerators ECODEPUR® HIDRODEPUR are easily installed thanks to its reduced weight. There is no need to use air diffusers, compressed airor aerosol protections.The easy assembly allows not interruption of treatment units, there is no need to empty your Lagoon or Reactor, in case of new installationor replacement of the aeration system.

In Aerated Lagoons or Equalization Lagoons, the aerators are installed in suspensions.

In Activated Sludge Reactors, aerators are in most cases platform fixed.



Aerators ECODEPUR® HIDRODEPUR are available in all normalized Powers IEC up to 22 kW.Higher-power equipment can be manufactured, under request.Engines are typically designed for 230/400 V or 400/690V and 50 Hz (other voltages and 60 Hz onrequest).

Rotational speed of the engine amounts to ≤ 1.500 min-1 or 50 Hz ≤ 1.800 min-1 for 60 Hz

Aerators ECODEPUR® HIDRODEPUR allows high agitation and oxygen transfer performances.

Tested pursuant to standard: ATV M 209 and «Measurement of Oxygen Transfer in Activated Sludge Aeration Tanks withClean Water and Mixed Liquor» by an independent European accredited entity.

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